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Hello , I'm Nick Knapp, Professional Airline Profile Artist and Aviation Enthusiast.

Airliners Illustrated® was established online in 2004 with the aim of creating and offering Recognition, Appreciation and Retirement Art Gifts for Civil Aviation & Airline Professionals, as well as mementos and memorabilia for enthusiasts, collectors and museums.

Situated in West London, United Kingdom, we are an independent online business that prides itself on a first class service and attention to detail. As an aviation enthusiast myself I take great pride and care with the same attention to detail in every artwork I produce, which are digitally drawn and painted to ensure meticulous attention to detail and accuracy, investing hours of creative time and energy. At least half my artwork time is spent researching. So for every hour I'm actually at the computer drawing and painting, I'm spending another hour trying to figure out some tiny detail I need answered. The side view profile artworks best represents each aircraft outside it's natural environment displaying all of the aircraft's details, markings and colours accurately. The artworks had to be visually interesting and full of detail but also functional so each aircraft could be adjusted and customized to any colours scheme, markings, window and engine configuration of each airframe/aircraft type.The two main graphic software applications I use are adobe Illustrator and photoshop. All artworks are LaserLab printed on Fujifilm Matt Lustre DPII C-Type Professional Paper for unrivalled image detail and brilliant colour to ensure the very highest quality. 


Airliners Illustrated® for Heroes Who Keep Us Flying Safely™ 

Never before has an invention been able to bring so many benefits to enrich our everyday lives all thanks to the thousands of professionals from across the globe who work tirelessly to make that possible.

At the beginning of the last century, flight was once only dreamt up in the pages of fantasy novels and the far-flung corners of our imagination. Today flight is a reality, and it is often said that the world has become smaller because of it. While this is untrue, it is true that we can travel to many different parts of the world much more quickly than ever before, transporting billions of people and products between any two points. What took weeks and months just 100 years ago, now takes a matter of hours. Flight has led to a greater cultural understanding and appreciation for all things different. Even before the invention of the internet. Never before has an invention been able to bring so many benefits to enrich our everyday lives all thanks to the thousands of professionals from across the globe who work tirelessly to make that possible. Thankfully, the positives of such an invention outweighs anything else, bringing us all closer together.

My Story and why I started Airliners Illustrated®

During my early childhood, I always had a fascination for flight and airliners, creating drawings of planes with a dream of one day becoming an airline pilot. My Grandfather was an aircraft engineer on the B17s during WW2 for the US Army Air Force based here in England and my father used to take me and my brother to watch the planes take off at Heathrow at the old viewing point along with regular family holiday trips flying on the Boeing 727, all of this inspired me from an early age to have a passion for flying and Aviation and one day become a Pilot. In early childhood I discovered that my childhood dream of becoming a Pilot had to change due to a childhood illness which caused me to go completely deaf in my left ear. I went on to pursue my next big passion and career in Art and graduated in 1996 in Fine Art and Graphic Design.

During 2001,  I was working as a Professional Graphic Designer for a leading UK National Newspaper Publisher called Trinity Mirror Southern, they also produced the newspaper "SKYPORT" for Airport and Airline Professionals based at the main Airports in London. The September 2001 attacks shook the world in a profound way, Airliner Professionals performed gallantly in the face of the terrorists and their initial aggression. Their commitment and courage exemplified a level never before tested in the history of aviation. In the days and weeks following, Airliner Professionals throughout the world were tested, working under the pressure of getting the world back in the skies. Thousands of planes, crews and passengers were scattered across the globe, left scarred from that tragic morning, along with the pain of losing friends and colleagues.  This all had a lasting effect on us all which had long-term repercussions which
not only effected working airline professionals, but also working people beyond the aviation industry including myself.

Being made redundant from my job, was a stressful and frustrating time in the years following September 11th. The same happened for many Airline Professionals across America and around the world, losing the career they loved. That's when and why I decided to combine my talents as an artist and my passion for airliners, to make a positive difference to Airline Professionals around the globe, providing Recognition, Appreciation & Retirement Art Gifts for Heroes Who Keep Us Flying Safely.

Today our heroes serving their passengers, companies, and country are working tirelessly and professionally to keep us all flying safely.

My diverse customer base consists mostly of pilots, flight attendants, engineers, commercial & civil aviation professionals and aviation enthusiasts interested in adding to their collection of mementos and memorabilia.

I have a comprehensive portfolio of detailed airliner profile artworks  for my customers and clients from American Airlines, Southwest Airlines Pilots Association, British Airways, Easyjet, Delta Air Lines, Panasonic Avionics, Flightglobal International, Goodrich, ICF International and British Pilots Association.

I have also contributed my time and efforts over the last 6 years to the TributeFlight.com which is a 77-day mission flown in a specially modified aircraft bearing the names of American and Coalition troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. This will honour fallen American and Coalition heroes but will also serve as a venue to raise money for wounded veterans.

Mission and Vision:
"To produce and supply outstanding high quality Aviation Art Prints and Gifts that show a high level of detail without compromise. Providing Recognition, Appreciation and Retirement Gifts to everyone who gives us the opportunity to fly safely.
To serve and provide a First Class Service to the aviation industry, aeronautically inclined individuals and collectors worldwide."

Please view a wide selection of Airliner Profile Art Prints I have created over the past 14 Years. You will find some great ideas and inspiration...

Please visit my Flickr.com Page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/airlinerart/

Airliner Profile Art Prints and Pilot Gifts

High Flying Art Gifts for Heroes Who Keep Us Flying Safely™

Retirement gifts. Transform your pilots logbook into a work of art.
Unique personalised gifts that your colleagues, friends or family will cherish.
Commemorate a special flight or turn your trip report into a work of art.
Support a fund raising event and organization. Create artworks for museums.

I offer a wide range of options to personalize your perfect airliner art print that yourself or your colleagues, friends or family will cherish. Many of the airliner art profile illustrations in my current portfolio can be customized in various formats and designs to make it unique to you. I can add flight crew and trip details, along with flags and manufacturer logos, if desired. The airliners registration number and serial number can also be specified.

I deliver fast turnarounds on my customers orders and commissioned artwork projects with unseen and unrivalled quality.  

If there is an airliner profile that you would like that is not on this website,or would like to commission a unique piece of artwork please email me: 

About my Artwork and HD (High Definition) Print Quality- "Passion and Precision Detail"
All profiles are painstakingly researched and meticulously detailed to allow accuracy and detail...

I invests a lot of time in the research in each and every airliner artwork, which are digitally drawn and painted to ensure meticulous attention to detail and accuracy. The rendering of an airline profile artwork from start to finish can take one month to three months to complete, working full time. The two main graphics software I use are adobe Illustrator and photoshop.

Finished artworks are printed in high definition using the latest laser-based image technology on top grade Matt Lustre Paper to ensure that each artwork is printed to the very highest quality - bright vibrant colors with crystal clear clarity that are long lasting that you can cherish for generations to come.

Postage and Packaging
Each print is rolled in a robust mailing tube. We also send artworks flat packed on larger orders to arrive safely.Shipping is FREE by UK 1st Class and Royal Mail /Airmail International. If you require faster delivery we also offer Priority Tracked+Signed Worldwide and Next Day UK Delivery with Interlink Express. 
Prints are dispatched within 24 hours after the customer orders.




My Guarantee to You- "Going that Extra Mile Higher"
I go the extra mile to keep customers satisfied! If you are not completely satisfied with any artwork product purchased from AirlinersIllustrated.com I will gladly refund your money or provide an alternative replacement.